Network USB Monitor
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Network USB Monitor

USB Data Theft Protection Tool for Windows Network


Network USB Monitor

Network USB monitor tool to protect data from unauthorized access leakage prevention software examine all online and offline windows network USB drive activities.

USB Data Theft Protection Tool for Windows Network

Are you worried about your client’s USB drive data theft activities? Don’t be confused! We have designed USB data protection tool that prevent your all important document such as personal and crucial information, patent data, and other corporate financial data from unauthorized access over Windows network. USB port controller is versatile software that is very much beneficial for various users as well as industries including Software or Core companies, Defense organizations, Investigations departments, Computer Labs of Schools and Colleges.

Windows network USB port traffic monitoring software is advanced and professional security tool that provides security from unauthorized access of USB mass storage removable device usage and enhance the security level. Our unique Anti data theft protection tool monitors USB drive plug-in and plug-out activities in real time or when is offline. Whenever USB mass storage media is inserted or released from any client’s machine on any LAN based Windows network it alert the server by a sound notification to prevent confidential data loss.

Key Features of USB Data Theft Protection Tool for Windows Network:-

USB data theft protection tool for Windows network is interactive and customized monitoring utility empowered with special features as follows:

Real time monitoring:
  • Software provides real time information including date and time of insertion and removal, USB drive manufacture name, capacity with client IP address.
Offline Monitoring:
  • The plug in and out activities of the USB storage devices on client machines can be easily monitored even if the network is disconnected.
Invisible to the user:
  • USB activity tracker works in stealth mode as a background process so that it can not be detected by the client.
Sound Notification:
  • Play sound to notify the server that any USB device is being inserted or removed on client machine in network.
Prepares activity and monitoring Log:
  • Saves details of change in Access settings and Permission restrictions in activity log and all the recorded information is saved in monitoring log that can be easily view in future.

Supported USB Mass Storage Devices

Customizable anti data theft protection utility supports all major brands and capacity of USB mass storage devices including:

• USB Pen drive
• USB Jump drive
• USB Memory card
• USB Memory Stick
• USB Cameras (mass storage)
• USB Audio/ video players
• Pocket PCs (mass storage)
• USB MP3 Player and other USB mass storage devices.

Miscellaneous Information :